• strategy, conceptualisation, planning & realisation, visualisation

    Semantic Web Technologies

  • Data Management, Master Data Management
    structured harmonised data across systems and business units

    Data Management

  • Project Management | Governance | Knowledge Enablement

    Strategy and Approach

Relationships | Commitment | Transparency | Professionalism

A Partnership Defined

As our partnership continues to grow, we work hard to keep these values at the core of our operation. Our partnership values individuals and teamwork, where people care about each other and share their knowledge freely.

01 - Management Consultants

Data Assets | Metadata | Semantic Web
Ferdinand Burger

02 - Extended Team

Technical | aAdministration | Visualisation
  • The Vision
    Our Shared Values
    Retaining our competitive edge through innovation is central to the way we operate, while improving our business processes and services.
  • The Principles
    Our Shared Values
    Industry standards, best practice solutions and proved, transparent methodologies form the basis of our working culture.
  • The People
    Our Shared Values
    We believe in working together with individuals, teams, organisations, building trust and encouraging interactive dialogue.
  • The Motivation
    The Motivation
    Our Shared Values
    We work hard to achieve our goals and we encourage our team members and partners to be ambitious, creative and consistent
Relationships | Commitment
Transparency | Professionalism

Our Shared Values

We provide the right resources and insight at the right time to maximise your business potential. Our shared values ensure we don't forget the people while working with data

People | Projects | Principles

Selected Project Portfolio

  • Semantic Web Technologies

    Semantic Web
    Core Solution

    insights into best practices, lessons learned and the ultimate outcome
  • IDMP Process

    optimisation and alignment of business & production processes to idmp regulatory
  • Business Partner
    Clinical Trials

    global business partner tool to manage clinical trial activities, hcp | clients | product data
  • Change Management

    feasibility study and concept promoting collaboration | global teams | using wearable devices

governance & compliance

process & data governance, compliance, regulatory requirements

master data management

structured harmonised data across systems and business units

system integration

process- & solution implementation & optimisation, solution engineering
professional | transparent | real-world | interdisciplinary

Our Expertise

semantic web technology

strategy, conceptualisation, planning & realisation, visualisation

digital transformation

process- & solution implementation & optimisation, solution engineering

knowledge enablement

cross-functional solution modelling, analysis & knowledge building

Our interdisciplinary team of semantic web technologies strategy experts combines data-based findings and creative approaches to overcome complex data visualisation and data modelling challenges - helping you achieve your current and long-term business goals.

customer experience

active stakeholder engagement, customer experience & visualisation

project management

full project portfolio management lifecycle & demand management
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... connecting the dots | your business potential.
semantic | web technology | data visualisation
data management strategies | customer exierience

connecting the dots | semantic web technology | data visualisation | data management strategies.

... connecting the dots
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